City College of San Francisco

Parking Permit Requirements

The following conditions must be met in order to purchase a Student Parking Permit:

  1. Enrolled in current term for at least one semester unit
  2. No HOLDS on your student record
  3. No unpaid charges
  4. Current student mailing address on file
  5. In addition, you will be required to enter the following required information:
    1. License Plate number.
    2. Driver's license number.
    3. State where the driver's license was issued.
    4. Driver's license Expiration date (mm/dd/yy).
    5. Make of your vehicle (e.g., Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, etc)
    6. Model of your vehicle (e.g., Camaro, Corolla, Gallant, etc)
  6. You will be prompted to pay your parking permit fee immediately after you enter the required information. If you do not complete the Student Parking Permit transaction by paying all outstanding fees your parking information will be purged and no parking permit will be mailed.

Things you should know before purchasing your Parking permit online

  1. If you have unpaid charges you will not be permitted to purchase a Student Parking Permit.
  2. Parking permits will be mailed according to this schedule:
  3. Summer 23: May 22, May 30, and June 12
    Fall 23: July 17, August 07, August 21, and September 05
    Spring 24: December 18, January 8, January 22, and February 05

    The permits are mailed to the most current student mailing address. No permits will be mailed after June 12 for the Summer 2023, September 5 for the Fall 2023, and February 5 for the Spring 2024 term.

    After the last scheduled mailer, pick up your permit at MUB 360.

    PLEASE NOTE: No parking permit will be mailed if you have an outstanding balance on the day your permit is scheduled to be mailed.

    If your mailing address is not current, you can change it by clicking on "Personal Information" in the Main Menu, then clicking on "Update address and Phone" you will see your mailing address. Click on the "Current" link and change it.

  4. Financial aid students pay a lower parking fee.
    If you are a Financial Aid applicant and your financial aid status is not yet posted by the Financial Aid office, you will be charged a higher fee, but after the Office of Financial Aid posts your FA status, you can go to the Bursar's Office, MUB 360 to request a refund.
  5. Your Student Parking Permit is not interchangeable and must be affixed permanently to the lower right-hand corner of your vehicle's windshield.
  6. Semester Parking Permits may be refunded if the permit is returned to the Bursar's Office, MUB 360, by the end of the second week of Spring & Fall instruction, and first week of Summer instruction.
  7. You should be aware of the College regulations for Parking, smoking, skateboarding, animals, and bicycles.
  8. Temporary Parking Permits can be obtained at MUB 360 after purchase and payment.
  9. Students registered for classes need to reapply for a parking permit every semester.
  10. Students who are currently on an installment payment plan shall pick up the parking permit in person at MUB 360.